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Alexandra Hemmer

Life’s too short to tell stories in a hurry

Photo by Markus Winkler from Unsplash.

I used to feel guilty for being interested in copyediting. I mean, looking at other people’s writing and telling them they missed a comma or two? How unnecessarily annoying, not to mention frivolous. To be fair, I’ve also struggled a lot with the disease to please many women are raised with. You know, to be nice and well-liked all the time. So it was no surprise that the last thing I wanted to do was pick a career where I’d seem annoying.

But in my second semester of journalism school, I had an opportunity to confront these thoughts through the…

An international student’s perspective.

Photo by MD Duran on Unsplash

Today was a day just like any other. I woke up, had some coffee, and then started my work-from-home day by checking my email. But unlike any old day, I remembered that it was my grandmother’s birthday. So I did what many grandkids living on the other side of the world from home might—I picked up my WiFi-connected smartphone and dialed a video call.

“Happy birthday Oma,” I started our call, excitedly.

“Thank you! Alexandra lagi ngapain,” she responded in Indonesian, curious to hear about what my Boston life had to offer this time.

Our conversation unfolded into a lighthearted…

Alexandra Hemmer

Experienced writer & editor covering a range of lifestyle content. Especially ready to talk about cultural identity, beauty, sustainability, and food.

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